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CTX Accommodation with Generator at Middlesbrough Football Club

Additional Services

Additional Services

Generator Hire

Before an electrical mains connection is available to a building, a super silent generator is a convenient means to provide power to the site and get things up and running quickly. Procomm can offer a complete generator installation and refuelling package meaning all you need to do is move in and start your project, we will look after the rest.

Fresh Water Bowsers

On many green and brown field site, services are difficult to come by at the early stages, this include fresh water for drinking, as well as water for use in taps, toilets and showers. Procomm have an extensive range of fresh water bowsers completer with pumps and auto fill mechanisms which you can use to supply site with water until mains connection is made.

Waste water and septic tanks

All sites must have the means to dispose of waste and effluent, and Procomm can supply, install and regularly empty septic and waste tanks as and when your side demands it.


Every building requires furniture to give people work stations, document storage and relaxation areas. Procomm has an extensive catalogue of both office and welfare furniture giving a wide range of choice to its clients and offering the best type of furniture for every building size and type.

Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting

Safety is crucial in any site environment, and your accommodation is a key facility on every project. Procomm will design and install a fire alarm system complete with emergency lighting which ensures that if the worse happens, the alarm is raised and everyone evacuates safely

Air Conditioning

Every Procomm building comes complete with electric heaters which are thermostatically controlled to give a warm and comfortable environment. However, for the optimum temperature control, state of the art air conditioning can be installed which will maintain the temperature whatever the weather outside, cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

IT and Data cable

Whether it is a fully cabled system, or WIFI, we can install a system to meet the demands of your team, with fully hidden cables meaning no unsightly cable tangles next to each computer pod. As the CTX building system utilises voids within the partition walling, you won’t have external trunking to carry cables, just a neat pair of data points on the wall.

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