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Power when you need it

When starting a new site installation, often a mains power supply is not available straight away, however we can help. Procomm will specify the correct generator package to suit your building so that you have power from day one of your project, until a permanent supply is made available. Whether it is a diesel, or diesel/hybrid, we have a solution which is both cost effective and practical.

The generator range starts from 20Kva up to 500Kva and can be configured in many ways:

  • Prime power diesel generator
  • Duty and standby for extra resilience
  • “Load on demand” for site growth and efficiency
  • Diesel/Solar/battery solutions for environmental, noise and cost benefits

All generator installations come with long range bulk fuel tanks, distribution equipment and are installed by fully qualified electricians who will test and certify the installation before handover.

Need something specific? Whatever the scope or size of your project, we're ready to help.

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