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An expansive installation of 2-storey Procomm CTX buildings

CTX and CTXtra™ Accommodation

The ultimate in versatility

Our Eco CTX range of cabins, for hire or sale, allow total control over your accommodation. All wall panels are designed for removal and repositioning as you need, and cabins can be linked together side on or end on. And for maximising space, we can even deliver flat pack and assemble your units into hard-to-get-to areas once on site.

From a single unit to a three storey 2,500 sq mtr office complex, with internal or external staircases. Procomm design every detail of your project. From the number of Containex units needed, the mix of offices, welfare accommodation toilets and open plan areas, down to where your windows and doors are. We offer a range of window options and even a balcony. All windows are double glazed and fitted with shutters or blinds.

Get the very best out of CTX with our CTXtra

CTXtra from Procomm, is a high specification modular unit which can be used for long term or permanent installations. It features outstanding insulation properties and fire retardant components in either 30, 60 or 90 minute ratings. Its larger and strengthened frames mean higher ceilings and floor loadings, meaning a more comfortable environment is created.

CTX Base SpecificationsCTXtra™ Enhanced Specifications
Standard frame with an external height of 2.591mRe-inforced frame with an external height of 2.8m
Internal height of 2.34mInternal height of 2.48m
Ground floor maximum load capacity 2.0kN/m2 (200kg/m2)

Top floor maximum load capacity 1.5kN/m2 (150kg/m2)
Ground floor maximum load capacity 4.0kN/m2 (400kg/m2)

Top floor maximum load capacity 3kN/m2 (300kg/m2)
Basic fire protectionFire protection REI60 roof section including top trims steel on plasterboard.

Internal staircase R30*

110mm PIR panels EI30* (excluding windows and doors)

110mm PIR partition walls EI30*

* Can be upgraded to 60min fire protection
Panel insulation / U-value:
60mm mineral wool / 0.38
Panel insulation / U-value:
110mm mineral wool / 0.20
Roof insulation / U-value:
100mm mineral wool / 0.36
Roof insulation / U-value:
140mm mineral wool / 0.15
Floor Insulation / U-value:
60mm mineral wool / 0.55
Floor Insulation / U-value:
100mm PU / 0.20
Standard light fittingsLED light fittings
A 2-story multi-building installation for ABB
CTX allows for highly modular, flexible and scalable buildings
A 3-story modular building supplied and installed by Procomm for Willmott Dixon
Utilise space more effectively by stacking modules up to 3 storeys high
CTX building with a custom wallpaper and floor.
Interiors and exteriors be fully customised to meet your specific needs
An expansive canteen within CTX units.
The dividing walls can be removed to create expansive open spaces

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